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Since 2006 all our glazed tiles are certified by the Centro Tecnológico da Cerâmica e do Vidro (Technological Ceramics and Glass Centre), according to the NP EN 539-2 standard, which handles about resistance and cold.

Since 2006 CERGAM is in conformity with the atmosphere emission levels, controlled through ControLab.

Since 2005 the standard NP2098 and NP 2099 and the Community Directive 2005/31/CE, that deals in conformity with the lead and cadmium contents, in our hotelware, are approved.

Since 2006, Cergam is partner of the certified company Renascimento, which treats and recycles residues.

Energetic Efficiency
80% of Cergam's production takes place in the economic energy schedule, from 11 p.m to 06 a.m.

Recycled Paper
90% of our paper is all re-used in the future in other ways.

Sociedade Ponto Verde
Since 2008, all the packages sent to our customers are properly recycled, according to the Sociedade Ponto Verde standards.
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